Amy joins Jeremiah for an episode about games that had a cultural influence..."Game Changers"! They discuss games that had a cultural impact and talk about what made them special. Enjoy!

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David and Jeremiah talk about what makes Beat-em-ups so intriguing, so dominant, and so awesome. Join us in our discussion on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Enjoy!

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Amy joins Jeremiah and David this week to discuss her experience learning a new RPG system. Then, the hosts talk about what optimizes learning while making it fun. Enjoy!

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David and Jeremiah taught two players a new system this week: Edge of the Empire RPG. They discuss how to maximize fun for players who are learning a new system, and how a certain module they ran did with regard to these thoughts.

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This second bonus episode is a continuation of the Star Wars roleplaying game, Edge of the Empire, where David GMs for Jeremiah, Tim, and John as they continue tracking a Niktos bounty hunter through Coruscant's Underworld. Part 2 of 3.

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The first bonus episode is a recording of our first time playing Edge of the Empire, the new Star Wars rpg by Fantasy Flight Game.  David is the Game Master and Jeremiah, John, and Tim play as the brothers Raife and Valentin Dantarres and the bodyguard droid NC-17.  Join them as they search the dark alleys of Coruscant's underworld in search of their first bounty.  Part 1 of 4.

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ALL the things about Freedom and the pursuit of breaking restraints. Why do we want to do it and what are the benefits of perceived freedom? What is perceived freedom versus actual freedom? Enjoy!

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A LOT of news: cool neuroscience, psychology, and gaming news. Check this one out! Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy!

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What sets JRPGs apart? Creativity? Cultural influences? What makes humans creative and how do we optimize that creativity? SCIENCE! Enjoy!


The hosts talk aboutJT Eberhard's Zombie bachelor party that they brewed up. It. wen. amazingly. Also, news and stuff. Sorry for the quality!


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