Do expectations make you more or less likely to like a game? And what does that have to do with panic attacks...?

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We talk about Telltale's game The Walking Dead and the tough decisions you're forced to make in this episode with Jared Smith of Logicast. SPOILERS - if you haven't completed the second season, you may want to skip this one.

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Objective criteria for looking at the current industry and the state of gender equality. Enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_54_-_Academic_Feminism_in_Video_Games.mp3
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Have you noticed an increasing popularity of games that are basically just work simulators? Diner Dash, Farmville, Harvest Moon, and the Sims are essentially just simuolators of boring things we do in real life. What makes these fun? Enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_53_-_Labor_Day_Work_is_Play.mp3
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Happy anniversary, GT Podcast! This is a longer one, but that's because there were some cool announcements at the beginning and the subject matter got pretty detailed. Enjoy!

Direct download: 52_-_Lost_in_Translation_-_Is_language_important_in_games.mp3
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What kinds of gamer types are there? Are there classifications of gamers that make sense? This episode was inspired by the "Click here to find out your gamer type!" tests that you can take online and that are prevalent in so many gamer sites. Enjoy!

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Fiftieth episode hype! We talk about the application (and misapplication) of the Art of War in video games. Enjoy!

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A bonus episode live play podcast! Raife, Valentin, and NC-17 finally close in on their elusive quarry in the belly of Coruscant.  Part 3 of 3.

Direct download: Edge_of_the_Empire_Ep_1-3.mp3
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Why are modern games trending toward darkness and less happy endings? What are the psychological, literary, and philosophical precedents for this? What eappeal does this darkness have? Enjoy!

Direct download: Episode_49.2_-_Analysis_of_Hello_Darkness_My_Old_Friend.mp3
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David and Jeremiah talk about auditory hallucinations in gamers, the upcoming (maybe) Dead Island Movie, Koreans/Japanese squabbles, a Final Fantasy cafe, and exercise as a partial cure for depression. They also discuss their recent gaming experiences, of which they had a lot of. Enjoy!

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