The formal game design theory about mechanics, design, and aesthetics is discussed here. Where did the authors get it right? Where did they get it wrong? What do you think? Enjoy!

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Special announcement at the end of this episode. The holidays and special guest episode have piled up a backlog of some very cool gaming news and gaming experiences. We also discuss the 2014 Gaming Awards.

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Developer behind host favorites Creatures Such As We and Coloratura, Lynnea Glasser joins us for this episode to discuss the process behind game design and what her thoughts were behind specific game design decisions. Enjoy!


What is gaming addiction? What does the research say about it? How do you know if you're addicted? Listen and find out. Enjoy!

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Listener question: "How would we be if games raised us? Like, outside of having to learn basic functions, imagine if 90% of our interaction is video games. Our morals, our knowledge, our outwardly perceptions, our self-esteem how we feel about ourselves, just how different would we be?"

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Happy Halloween! The psychology of horror games, the paradox of fiction, and how the stress response scale is manipulated to create a scary game. Enjoy!

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In this episode, we talk about what kinds of things make the support characters of video games interesting.

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Got seriously off track on this episode when we fell down a rabbit hole of this whole Gamergate nonsense. 

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Special Guest Kyle Fergusson joins the hosts to talk about voice acting and what makes it so interesting.

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We review a game we recently played: Creatures Such as We by Lynnea Glasser. A lot of depth in this game that should make for some great conversation

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