News and Reviews for March 22nd. Enjoy!

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There is a prevalent criticism that random number generators are ruining competitive games. WTF is up with randomicity? Enjoy!

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There is a recent increasing trend in the production of survival horror zombie games. What are they getting right and what are they getting wrong? Jeremiah and David speculate about that this episode. Enjoy!

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Jeremiah and David discuss the recent news from the SXSW conference and other notable news items. They also go over their recent gaming experiences. Enjoy!

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Time travel seems to be a pretty popular mechanic and narrative feature across a few decades of gaming. But, have we been doing it right? Enjoy!

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What were Anita Sarkeesian's 8 suggestions to "make games less shitty for women" at her recent talk at NYU? Find out here, and tell us your thoughts by email, Twitter, or on the Facebook page. Enjoy!

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What is the first week of League of Legends like? What is "pop culture's worst trend"? Can the Legend of Zelda be actually remade, fully functioning, in Minecraft? Can Homeworld be remade in all its old glory? Find out here. Enjoy!

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One of the toughest topics about game development -- Balancing. What is balance? Is it attainable? How? Are MOBAs inherently imbalanced? We're not sure, but have a few thoughts on the matter. Enjoy!

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The news and reviews for the week. This week, we discuss Kanye West's amateur game development among other news items. We also talk about our experiences with the currently-still-being-developed H1Z1. Enjoy!


Happy Valentines Day. What is the psychology of attraction? Which games get this right and which games get this wrong? Enjoy!

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