This was easily one of our favorite episodes to record. Things get incredibly deep, dark, and even funny this week in the discussion of the psychology behind the enjoyment of Rogue-like games. So punishing, but also quite rewarding. David talks about existentialism, pursuing in the face of overwhelming odds to the contrary, and Albert Camus's "absurdism." Enjoy!


David and Jeremiah discuss the most recent news here, then talk about the Rogue-like games they played through this week. There were quite a few, and some were great! Enjoy!

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Creator of the famous Psychology of Games website and author of an upcoming book on the subject joins us this week to talk about internet trolling. What kinds of people engage in trolling? Is it harmful? Are they sociopaths or are they normal people? Seriously, wtf? Jamie's a smart dude. Give it a listen. Enjoy!

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David and Jeremiah talk about PAX reveals, horror games, and their goings-on. This is the intro section before the in-depth analysis. 

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Here is the file that contains only the in-depth analysis for the listeners who want to get straight to the namesake of the episode: Bioshock Infinite. Enjoy!

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This is the Intro, News, and Gaming Experiences section. The next file, entitled 32-2 is the in-depth analysis. Welcome back gamers, and let's begin our journey through this intense game. But first, what's been going on in the gaming world?

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David is out of country, but Jeremiah is joined by his wife, Amy, a licensed therapist. They spend this session talking about the mental health issues surrounding gaming habits, how to change them, and what is bad and what is good about our most beloved hobby. Enjoy!

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David and Jeremiah team up for another episode of The Game Theory Podcast to talk about the galaxy's most infamous female bounty hunter: Samus Aran. Enjoy!

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David and Jeremiah discuss pertinent topics covering the following concepts:

08:09:00 Recent News
18:42:00 Gaming Experiences
31:47:00 In-depth analysis


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Are you ready? READY FOR JOHN CEEEEEEEEENA?! But seriously, this week David and Jeremiah discuss what it's going to take to revive the dying breed of old-school MMORPGs. Oh, and funny stories (of course). Enjoy!

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